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Teton Valley Idaho

T-Rex Billet Throttle for KTM


Our T-Rex Billet Throttles are a direct replacement for KTM 50/65/85/125cc/150cc/250cc

We offer an upgraded cable that works flawlessly with the T-Rex Billet Throttle Assembly. 

*2021 & newer 50's & 65's require T-Rex Heavy Duty Cable. 

*T-Rex Throttles will not work on 2021 KTM micro bars. You must change bars and mounts to 7/8. 

*T-Rex Throttles will not work on KTM sx50 mini

*2018 & newer 85's require a T-Rex Heavy Duty Cable.

*2021 & newer Sx 50 mini needs an older carburetor cap. 

Our New Vapor Coated T-Rex Billet Throttles:

Vapor coating is a revolutionary process, a very hard, durable and very thin micro coating. Reduces Friction and lasts longer than other coatings. Looks cool too.

Throttle Tube