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Teton Valley Idaho

T-Rex Race Spec Billet Throttle for KTM


Stronger, Smoother, BULLETPROOF

Bullet proof glass inspection cover with gasket to keep out moisture and dirt. Self locking stainless steel fasteners. Sealed frictionless pivot bearing. One piece machined billet aluminum tube with knurled grip area.

Our T-Rex Billet Throttles are a direct replacement for KTM 50/65/85/125cc/150cc/250cc

We offer an upgraded cable that works flawlessly with the T-Rex Billet Throttle Assembly. 

*2021 & newer 50's & 65's require T-Rex Heavy Duty Cable. 

*T-Rex Throttles will not work on 2021 KTM micro bars. You must change bars and mounts to 7/8. 

*T-Rex Throttles will not work on KTM sx50 mini

*2018 & newer 85's require a T-Rex Heavy Duty Cable.

*2021 & newer Sx 50 mini needs an older carburetor cap. 

Our New Vapor Coated T-Rex Billet Throttles:

Vapor coating is a revolutionary process, a very hard, durable and very thin micro coating. Reduces Friction and lasts longer than other coatings. Looks cool too.

Throttle Tube

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